Nutrition: Top 10 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Really Aren’t

To be honest, there is a lot of false information out there when it comes to “healthy” foods. We’re constantly influenced by social media and advertisements that don’t always provide accurate information and, therefore, change our perception of food. Product labels provide some of the most misleading information because there is room for interpretation of what “all natural” and “100% whole wheat” actually mean.


Unfortunately, some of our favorite meals, snacks, and drinks – that we think are healthy – are in fact unhealthy. I hate to burst your bubble, but I’ve got some bad news that you’re probably not going to want to hear, but I’m just looking out for you and your health.

Nutrition Dried Fruit

Say Sayonara dried mango and pineapple because they’re loaded with sugar. A serving of dried mango has 27g of sugar and contains unnecessary preservatives to extend the shelf life. Check out the nutrition facts of dried fruits before you go grocery shopping.

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