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16 Amazing Cases Where A Wedding Photographers Captured Something Unexpected : Trends


Your wedding is supposed to be a magical day. It’s supposed to be perfect, wonderful, and totally flawless. Let’s face it though: that never actually happens. Weddings are fun, but they are also chaotic and messy. Having a wedding, in reality, means you might end up with some funny wedding pictures.

Weird wedding photos can be caused by any number of things: the bride and groom having a strange experience, wedding guests doing their own thing, even family members getting crazy on the dance floor. Whatever happens at your wedding is probably getting captured on camera, so you should always be prepared to see something weird a few weeks later.

Even a bad wedding photo can make for some funny memories later on in your life. As these 16 funny wedding pictures prove, weddings are never really perfect, but even if they’re a complete disaster, they’re still a whole lot of fun for everyone involved. Well, sometimes they are. At least they’re always funny.

1. For the bride and groom, a wedding is the most spectacular, life-affirming moment ever. For the single people at the reception, not so much.

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