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Workouts: 7 of the Best Kettlebell Exercises to Build Muscle, According to Experts


The story of turning up to your gym and being devastated at the lack of equipment can be a very familiar one. All the dumbbells are gone, the bench covered in sweat and your favourite barbell is laying across the back of the gym floor’s loudest grunter.

Which gives you two possibilities: ditch the workout and go home or, preferably, find a piece of versatile equipment and make it your own for the best part of an hour.

That’s where the kettlebell comes into play. Packing the same weighty punch as dumbbells with half the popularity, it’s likely to be ignored while gym bros queue for the bench. In this article, we run down the best kettlebell exercises  in no particular order, mind to burn fat, build muscle and increase fitness.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Usually, kettlebell workouts are built on a high-rep range, meaning that several muscles are worked at once and, if kept at a consistent pace, can offer similar aerobic benefits to HIIT training. During a 2010 study, participants performed a 20-minute kettlebell snatch workout and were found to burn 13.6 calories a minute during the entirety of the workout, equating to “running a 6-minute mile pace”.

Similarly, by performing kettlebell circuits three times a week, you’ll pump up your VO2 max by 6% in just under a month, according to the NSCA’s TSAC Report. Using kettlebells, you can also improve your strength, cardio, stability, power, endurance and balance.

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